• 1. Introduction and Application
The objective of the HKLA Selection Policy is to provide transparency of the selection process, and to select those players with the qualities and competencies required for the event as well as for the continuous development of lacrosse in Hong Kong.

(a) The Selection Policy will ensure that:
(i) Lacrosse players who strive to represent Hong Kong are aware of the
eligibility and selection criteria and process.

(b) This Selection Policy relates to:
(i) The selection of the Hong Kong Representative Lacrosse Teams.
(ii) The selection of the Hong Kong Representative U19/21 Lacrosse Teams.
(iii) The appointment of a Selection Panel.
(iv) The appointment of an Appeal Review Panel.

  • 2. Eligibility
a) All players wishing to be considered for selection in a Hong Kong Representative Squad / Team must fulfill the following criteria:
(i) Be a registered member of HKLA;
(ii) For world and regional championships organized by the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) and/or Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union (APLU), the player eligibility criteria have to be met.

  • 3. Selection Panel
(a) The Selection Panel of a representative squad / team shall comprise of:
(i) Representative Team Head Coach
(ii) Representative Team Assistant Coach / Coaches
(iii) Selector appointed, if any, by the HKLA Board

(b) Where any of the selectors becomes unavailable or unable to meet their responsibilities set by this Policy, HKLA may appoint a replacement.
a) Any selector, who becomes aware of a conflict of interest, or the potential for bias to be inferred, in the selection process because of a family or close personal relationship with a player in the squad / team, shall declare this to the HKLA CEO who will decide if the selector is to remain or stand down as Selector.

(c) Decision of the selection rests with the Head Coach of the representative team in consultation with other members of the Selection Panel.

(d) The Selection Panel reports to the HKLA CEO and Director assigned if any.

  • 4. Selection Criteria
a) The squad / team composition will be determined prior to the selection by the HKLA CEO in conjunction with the Head Coach of the representative team, with the consideration of eligibility requirement of the event and the objective of continuous development of Lacrosse in Hong Kong.

b) The Head Coach of the representative team has the sole right to propose the process of selection. HKLA must ratify the final process of selection at least 1 month prior to selection trail commence.

c) Whenever selecting players for a representative squad / team, the Selection Panel shall apply the criteria set out below:
 Past playing record and performance
 Physical qualities, conditioning and athleticism
 Lacrosse technical skills and intelligence
 Specific role / position ability
 Team Orientation (e.g.: attitude, coachability, commitment, character)
 Potential contribution to the future development of HK Lacrosse
decision of the Selection Panel shall be final. No reasons need be given for

d) The any selection or other decision of the Selectors. This shall not prevent, limit, or restrict the Selectors changing or substituting the selection of any squad, team, or individual at any time in their sole discretion.

e) The Selection Panel also reserves the right to select a player for the representative team from outside the squad. This may occur in circumstances when a player has to withdraw from the team due to illness, injury, pregnancy or otherwise.

  • 5. Selection Trials
(a) Notice for squad selection trials will be posted on the HKLA website or other appropriate media and sent out to all affiliated teams, clubs and members.

(b) All players who trial for a position within a squad will be provided with a statement of the commitment required for the selected squad / team at the selection trials.

(c) All players must be present at the selection trial(s) in order to be considered for squad selection. Any exception or request for another trial must be submitted to the Head Coach of the representative team before the trial in written form with supporting reasons. Exception request is to be endorsed by the Head Coach.

(d) Players sick or injured and unable to trial must submit a letter and produce a Doctor’s certificate or Physiotherapist’s letter explaining such. Players will be considered for selection based on the criteria and if deemed necessary asked to trial / train with selected squad / team to determine selection.

  • 6. Notification to Players
(a) As soon as reasonably possible following completion of a Final Selection Event, the Head Coach or Team/CEO (or his delegate) of the representative team will notify each player, either verbally in a meeting or in writing at his sole discretion, the players selected.

(b) Following notification of the selected players HKLA shall publicly announce the selected players on the HKLA website and communicate this with all relevant parties.

  • 7. Removal from representative squad / team
(a) Selected player who breaches or fails to observe this Policy, the HKLA's Memorandum and Articles of Association, By Laws or other policies; fulfill and observe the requirements in the representative squad / team agreement; or received disciplinary action by the HKLA, APLU or FIL; may be removed from the representative squad / team.

(b) Selected player may be removed from or replaced in a representative squad / team by the Head Coach of the team with consultation from the other Selectors as the circumstances may require. This may include situations where the Participant has failed to sustain his / her performance and attitude, or by reason of illness or injury, to a satisfactory level set out by the selection criteria.

  • 8. Selection-Appeal Process
(a) Players may appeal non-selection or removal from the representative team.

(b) The sole ground for any appeal is that the Selection Policy was not properly
followed and/or implemented.

  • 9. Appeal Procedure
(a) The appellant must give written notice of his appeal to the HKLA Board within 72 hours of the announcement of the decision against which the appeal is made.

(b) Within 5 working days of submitting the written notice of appeal, the appellant must submit the grounds of that appeal to HKLA.

(c) If the HKLA Board considers the appeal warrants a review and determination, it shall appoint an Appeal Review Panel (ARP) comprise of:
(i) A director of the Board
(ii) Two other persons of experience and skills suitable for the appeal review function, who are not in the Selection Panel, not in selected squad and have no relationship with the appellant.

(d) Prior to the hearing, the Selection Panel will provide the ARP a written statement as to the reasons for the decision against which the appeal is made.

(e) The ARP will convene a hearing as soon as possible after the submission of grounds of appeal. The hearing may occur in such a manner as the ARP decides.

(f) The ARP will give a decision as soon as practical after the hearing and will provide the HKLA Board, Selection Panel and the appellant with a statement of the reasons for its decision.

(g) The ARP decision will be final.

Last updated on: January 2019