Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association is committed to ensuring that Lacrosse is a drug free sport. Anti-doping programmes across all sports are intended to promote ethically fair and drug-free sport, with the aim of producing athletes who are competing and winning fairly.

Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association works with Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee (HKADC) and The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to conduct a comprehensive anti-doping programme that includes education, testing and results management. This document, and the appendices, provides information to players, coaches and support staff on helping them make sensible, informed decisions about competing drug-free, their requirements to comprehensive comply with anti-doping regulations and the relevant resources required to do this.

Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association has adopted HKADC Anti-Doping Rules of Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee in line with the requirements of the WADA WORLD ANTI-DOPING CODE. It is important for all athletes, coaches and support staff to familiarise themselves with the anti-doping regulations relevant to their competition to ensure that they are aware of the obligations and requirements placed upon them.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was formed in 1999. It globally standardises anti-doping policy, regulation and rules across sports organisations and authorities. The WADA code provides the mechanism for this harmonisation, supported by four International Standards and further models of good practice. The latest version of the WADA Code came into effect on 1st January 2015.

HKADC is the principal advisor to the government on drug-free sport, it is responsible for protecting sport from the threat of doping in the HK. This involves planning, implementing and monitoring the HK’s anti-doping policy and implementing effective anti-doping programmes.

The Prohibited List
In order to ensure that all athletes, coaches and support staff are clear on what actually constitutes doping in sport, WADA produces the Prohibited List. This list is an internationally agreed standard identifying the substances and methods of use that are prohibited within sport.

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)
Athletes at a certain level are required to submit a TUE application if they wish to use a prohibited substance or method for a legitimate medical condition. Application must be supported by detailed medical history and clinical evidence to be considered by FIL TUE Committee.
Currently only players at the following levels of competition must hold a valid TUE prior testing:

• Senior Hong Kong Representative Teams
• U19 Hong Kong Representative Teams

Further information on TUE, guidance notes and resources can be found in the TUE section of the HKADC website.

Last updated on: January 2019