Hong Kong Lacrosse Coach Development Program (LCDP)

With the mission of developing lacrosse across the general community of Hong Kong, offering regular development programs to all genders and ages to promote the sport, the Hong Kong Lacrosse Coaching Academy is established as a key strategy to support and achieve its rapid growth.

The Coaching Academy is designed to engage and prepare enthused individuals new to coaching, lacrosse lovers with limited coaching experience, and provide the opportunity to become competent and inspiring lacrosse coaches and leaders for developing the sport in the community. The academy leads coaches through a comprehensive process and offerings mixed with professional theories, field applications, assessments and continuous development series through various levels.

Full Coaching Structure: here

The Academy aims to develop professional human capital and build standard of excellence in lacrosse coaching, in line with the development strategy of HKLA.
  • To support development of lacrosse as a sport in Hong Kong;
  • To elevate the performance level of lacrosse in Hong Kong;
  • To develop future leaders of lacrosse with heart and wisdom to grow the game.
  • Anyone who are new to lacrosse and interested to learn how to teach and promote the sport; or
  • Anyone who are experienced in playing lacrosse and interested to pursue the path of coaching; or
  • Anyone who are experienced in coaching lacrosse and desired for recognition through a structured qualification framework; or
  • Anyone who are passionate in coaching lacrosse and looking for continuous development...
Roles and Expectations
A qualified coach will be a teacher, a mentor and a leader for the players, lacrosse supporters and the community. The Coaching Academy is dedicated to prepare coaches to adapt their skills through levels of play and competition.

All coaches shall account for professional ethics and standards which will be HKLA’s front line in making lacrosse an exciting sport and fulfilling life experience for everyone involved.

The list of qualified coaches will be publicized on HKLA webpage.