Lacrosse Badges Award Scheme



To set a testing standard of lacrosse skills and encourage participants to improve with a progressive guidance and continuously train in the sport.


Types of Badges:

1. Three levels of badges, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold
2. Content of Tests

Bronze Silver Gold
Toss and catch with stick Toss the ball and catch above the shoulder Overhand Pass
Ball Carrying Underhand Pass Dodging
Ground Ball Cradling Bouncing Loose Ball
Shooting Ground Ball Shooting on the run down the alley
- Catch and Shoot -

3. Rating Standard
Participants must pass the tests of all items in accordance with the skill requirements of the respective levels to obtain the relevant badges.

Participation Method:

  1. All participants must be between 5 to 17 years old.
  2. All participants must be a HKLA Member*.
  3. Players can take the test on “HKLA Badge Challenge Day”, or
  4. Testing will also be done in HKLA beginner course and intermediate course for the course participants
*Junior membership(under 18 years old) is free of charge



Level Fee
Bronze $100
Silver $120
Gold $150



All participants who meet the required standard for the respective level of badge, will receive a e-certificate issued by Hong Kong Lacrosse Association. A $50 administration fee will be charged if a hard copy certificate is requested by the participant.

Please mail a cheque payable to “China Hong Kong Lacrosse Association Limited” to China Hong Kong Lacrosse Association (Unit B, 16/F, North Point Industrial Building, No.499 King’s Road, Hong Kong). Please kindly put down the name of the participants and “Badges Award Certificate” on the back of the cheque.

  1. All participants must start from the Bronze Badge test. Only after attaining the Bronze Badge, the participant is eligible to attend the Silver Badge test.
  2. Only after attaining the Silver Badge, the participant is eligible to attend the Gold Badge test.
  3. Hong Kong Lacrosse Association will organise ‘HKLA Badge Challenge Day’ periodically for participants to attend. Please stay tuned with the Hong Kong Lacrosse Association Information.
  4. Only participants under the age of 12 can choose to use a soft ball. Other participants must use a standard lacrosse game ball.
  5. Only participants under the age of 12 can choose to use a mini stick (stick length from 80cm to 90cm). Otherwise, participants must use a world lacrosse standard stick (including men’s stick (short stick or long stick), women’s stick, and goalie stick)

Details for the test – Click HERE


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