How do I Become an Official?

1. Take the Course
Becoming an official in Hong Kong starts with taking the level-1 officials course. HKLA offers two level-1 courses for both referees (men’s game) and umpires (women’s game). Click here view the course schedule and sign up!

2. Complete your Certification
After taking the level-1 course, complete your certification by passing the officials level-1 test and the on-field training section of the course. The test and the on-field training are included in the level-1 course and will ensure you are ready for your first game!

3. Get on the Field!
Following the completion of your test and your on-field training session, you will be shadowed by an experienced official at your first game. Following this competition you will officially be a level-1 official with Hong Kong Lacrosse. You will be eligible to officiate any HKLA league games!

4. On to Levels 2 and 3!
Level-1 officials can become level-2 of officials after officiating 10 league games and completing the level-2 course/exam. Level-2 officials are eligible to be the head official at all league games, officiate in regional tournaments, and mentor/shadow level-1 officials. Level-2 officials with significant regional experience can work to obtain international certification through the World Lacrosse standard. Individuals with level-3 accreditation are eligible to officiate at World Championship events as well as other international tournaments.

Officials Re-accreditation

As effective immediately, all Official’s qualifications will come with an expiry date till 31st August 2024, and all new accredited officials will have a 2-year expiry date as well.

This change was made to ensure the sustainable development of engaged and high performing officials in Hong Kong.

In order to continue your qualification, you will need to complete the following requirements before the expiry date.
1. Officiate in minimum of 3 full field games of your discipline (field, sixes, box) (games officiated from Sept 1 2022 will all be counted)
a. Individuals must send your record (Capture of payment history by HKLA website system) of officiating in these games to our email ([email protected]) at least 1 month prior to the expiry date
2. Renew your HKLA membership annually

If and when your qualification does expire, you may also partake in the following actions within 1 year to revalidate your qualification.
1. Take a revalidation rule test and score 90% or above
2. Be shadowed in one full field game and validated by Level 2 official or above

Contact our officials: [email protected]

Updated on Dec 12 2022