How do I Become an Official?

1. Take the Course
Becoming an official in Hong Kong starts with taking the level-1 officials course. HKLA offers two level-1 courses for both referees (men’s game) and umpires (women’s game). Click here view the course schedule and sign up!

2. Complete your Certification
After taking the level-1 course, complete your certification by passing the officials level-1 test and the on-field training section of the course. The test and the on-field training are included in the level-1 course and will ensure you are ready for your first game!

3. Get on the Field!
Following the completion of your test and your on-field training session, you will be shadowed by an experienced official at your first game. Following this competition you will officially be a level-1 official with Hong Kong Lacrosse. You will be eligible to officiate any HKLA league games!

4. On to Levels 2 and 3!
Level-1 officials can become level-2 of officials after officiating 10 league games and completing the level-2 course/exam. Level-2 officials are eligible to be the head official at all league games, officiate in regional tournaments, and mentor/shadow level-1 officials. Level-2 officials with significant regional experience can work to obtain international certification through the World Lacrosse standard. Individuals with level-3 accreditation are eligible to officiate at World Championship events as well as other international tournaments.

Questions? Contact our officials: [email protected]