Hong Kong Lacrosse Officials Committee

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

It is the vision of the Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Officials Committee (HKLOC) to foster a community of lacrosse officials that have a passion for growing the game and a desire to maintain a high-level of officiating.

It is the mission of the HKLOC to facilitate the growth and development of the official community in Hong Kong. The HKLOC is committed to working closely within HKLA, with lacrosse officials, and the governing bodies of lacrosse to create replicable practices that will achieve this growth.

  • Increase the number of lacrosse officials in Hong Kong
  • Reinforce a pathway that furthers the development of existing officials
  • Develop annual strategies to maintain sustainable growth
  • Maintain and oversee the transparent selection and assignment of Hong Kong officials to relevant leagues, tournaments, and training both in Hong Kong and abroad
  • Oversee and implement rule changes
    • Consider rule changes for different leagues
    • Oversee rule changing process
  • Conduct internal assessment and review of Hong Kong officials when necessary
  • Build and maintain relationships with international partners and World Lacrosse
  • Ensure lacrosse competition in Hong Kong is safe and fair
For Any Enquiries, please email us at [email protected]

  • Committee Members

Jian Chan, Jamie (Referee-in-chief, Co-Chair)

I became a lacrosse referee in late 2016. I have attended multiple HK Lacrosse Open and ASPAC 2019. I am also an accredited umpire so you might see me in the ladies game from time to time. Being an official gives you the front-row seat to the game, you can feel the intensity, energy and power from within the field. Yet, unlike being a player, winning or losing is none of my business. My role is to provide the best stage to promote athletic excellence and for players to shine. So it is very important that we grow officiating as we grow the game which is one of the things I will be contributing to the committee.

What I love: I LOVE hearing player shouting “ARE YOU BLIND REF?” where i always wish saying “May be I am, but you see, my flags are looking right at you”

My best move: Slipping on my bump when trying to turn 180 degrees upon a turnover. (To my defence, it was the fourth quarter under heavy rain)
Joyce Tai (Umpire-in-chief, Co-Chair)

I have always believed in the saying, “No Nice Judge, No Nice Game” and having been an official since 2013, I have had many opportunities to officiate local and international competitions including ASPAC Lacrosse Championships and U19 World Championships. These opportunities have enabled me to enhance my officiating skills and allowed me to make many friends from all corners of the world.

I look forward to assisting the development of Hong Kong officials and contributing to the growth and improvement of Hong Kong lacrosse.
Cherry Hon (Secretary, Co-Chair)

As the secretary of the committee and the liaison to the committee from the Association, my role is to ensure that the different areas of lacrosse development are aligned to facilitate the rapid growth of our sport.
Joyce Tong (Committee Member)

Hi my name is Joyce Tong, HKLA Level 2 Umpire. I began my officiating career in Oct 2018. Since then I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the region learning and sharing my passion for the game of lacrosse. I am excited to continue the development of the game in this role and continue sharing my passion for the rules to younger zebras!
Agnes Wong (Committee Member)

I first learned lacrosse at University in 2012, and since then I have seen a big growth in the lacrosse community in Hong Kong especially in women’s lacrosse. In 2013, a local women’s league was formed and I started taking more interest in becoming an official. Although my day job as a primary school teacher keeps me very busy, I think the skillsets I learn as a teacher helps me to contribute to the officials committee in assisting with education materials for officials and new initiatives how to continuously improve.
Kelvin Mak (Committee Member)

Being a member of the lacrosse community, I believe that officials are as important as coaches and players.