Mechanism for General Complaint

  • 1. Principles for handling of complaints

1.1 The complainant must be identifiable and must be one of the persons involved in the incident complained of or his/her guardians. The complainant must submit the complaint in writing to HKLAX addressing to the Chief Executive Officer by one of the following methods:

(a)Email: [email protected];
(b)Fax: 2114 3405;
(c)Post: Unit B, 16/F, North Point Industrial Building, No.499 King’s Road, Hong Kong; or
(d)The Feedback Submission on HKLAX website.

  •  1.2 The following complaints will be looked into but HKLAX will not officially respond:

(a) Anonymous complaints;
(b) Oral complaints;
(c) Complaints not filed by the persons involved in the incidents or their guardians;
(d) Complaints that are under legal proceedings which may amount to a violation of Hong Kong laws;
(e) Complaints relating to incidents that occurred more than one year ago; or
(f) Complaints where no contact information of the complainant is provided.

  • 2. Mechanism for handling complaints

2.1 Upon receiving a written complaint, the HKLAX shall open a case file and send an acknowledgement of receipt to the complainant within 10 working days of receiving the complaint.
2.2 Where the complaint is of a less-serious nature, HKLAX shall instruct the relevant staff member to follow-up.
2.3 Where the complaint is of a serious nature, the relevant committee will determine:
(a) if further information should be gathered to aid the review and investigation of the complaint;
(b) the actions that should be taken to investigate the complaint;
(c) the format of the investigation;
(d) if a hearing and/or interview of the person being complained is required; and
(e) any other matter which the relevant Committee shall deem fit for the purpose of investigation of the complaint.
2.4 In all cases, a written response or investigation report should be provided to the complainant within two months of receiving the complaint, where possible.
2.5 In cases where a disciplinary action is required, the person in question shall also be informed of the decision within the same timeframe as the complainant.
2.6 If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision, they shall be entitled to lodge an appeal of the decision, as detailed in section 3 below. Persons subject to disciplinary actions shall also be entitled to appeal in accordance with section 3. 2

  • 3. Appeal Mechanism

3.1 Should a complainant or person subject to disciplinary action be dissatisfied with the decision relating to the initial complaint, he/she shall be entitled to lodge an appeal.
3.2 To lodge an appeal, the complainant or person subject to disciplinary action must submit a written appeal request stating the reasons and/or the grounds of appeal to HKLAX within two weeks of receiving the written response or investigation report to their initial complaint.
3.3 The appeal shall be referred to the HKLAX Council for consideration, and can be sent by fax, post, email [email protected], or the Feedback Submission on the HKLAX website.
3.4 The HKLAX Council shall determine whether a further investigation into the complaint should be made, and if so, the format of this investigation, including whether an appeal committee should be formed to consider the appeal.
3.5 A written response of the Council should be provided to the complainant or person subject to disciplinary action within one month of the appeal.
3.6 The decision of the Council shall be final and binding on all parties and no party shall have the right to appeal against such a decision.

Last updated on: November 2019