Local Youth Development

The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association actively promotes the sport of lacrosse to children and youths of all ages in Hong Kong. During the Academic Year 2018-2019, HKLA conducted over 480 classes of school demonstrations during PE classes to over 30 schools in all regions of Hong Kong. 

Little league lacrosse is played at primary school levels in a mixed gender environment. Minimal equipment is required and a smaller field with a softer ball creates a more fun and safe game for children age 12 and below.

At secondary school level, a 6 vs 6 version of field lacrosse is played. Equipment requirement is the same as normal field lacrosse but a modified rule is adopted to help player transition into the full version of field lacrosse.

  • School Trial

HKLA conducts lacrosse school trial classes during school P.E. class times to introduce lacrosse to students and to promote the sport of lacrosse. We will also invite potential talents identified during these sessions to join our development programmes which is a pathway to becoming our Team Hong Kong member.

We assist in setting up new school teams and assist existing school in recruiting new members. Coaches and equipment will be provided by HKLA during school trial classes and school team equipment can be rented or bought from HKLA at a discounted price. For more information regarding our school trials, please email us at [email protected]

  • InspiringHK

HKLA has partnered with InspiringHK Sports Foundation since 2018 providing lacrosse experince to kids in Hong Kong. More information can be found on: http://inspiringhk.org/

  • Jockey Club Active School Programme

HKLA is also participating in the Jockey Club Active School Program which enables schools to apply for various types of lacrosse programs that will suit their needs. More information can be found on: http://www.hkelite.org and https://www.activeschool.hk/tc/

  • The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

HKLA is also partnering with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) providing lacrosse course to kids and teenager regularly. More information can be found on: https://cts.hkfyg.org.hk/

  • Project Crosse

Project Crosse is a continuation from the very successful Project Cradle program which brought lacrosse into 11 different primary schools across Kowloon and New Territories. Project Crosse caters to primary school students’ needs in development of fundamental movement skills, personal characters and extracurricular talents through the learning of lacrosse. The project also includes parent and children classes, inter-school competitions and possible international competitions.