Why Should I Become an Official?

Be Part of a Team!

  • Becoming a lacrosse official means joining the essential “third team” on the field. Officiating offers the opportunity to join a community of individuals who share your passion for sport and teamwork! Develop new connections and friendships while you experience the game of lacrosse.

Stay in Shape!

  • Officials are required to keep up with all of the fast-paced action that happens on the lacrosse field. This means getting a great outdoor workout! Officials are given an allowance for each game they officiate and with HKLA’s many leagues, you can create a schedule that works best for you!

Develop New Skills!

  • Officiating will allow you to develop your ability to work and communicate with a team while challenging your decision-making skills. The best officials are always learning! Make the most of your time on the field by developing transferable skills and expanding your knowledge of the game.