2023 Summer Youth Lacrosse Exchange Program (Taiwan) - Summary
25 Aug 2023
Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association has organised the Summer Youth Lacrosse Exchange Program – Taiwan on August 7th to 10th, which is subvented by LCSD. The young athletes were led by HKLA WHPP head coach Ms Hui Ka Kei and former Hong Kong Men’s Team Captain Mr Kelvin Mak. This trip aims at enhancing our athtletes’ horizon and their skills, as well as exchanging our experience with the athletes and the association of Taiwan.
Through a tryout, the trip has selected 24 players including 12 boys and 12 girls. These 24 youngsters have participated in a series of co-training with Taiwan players, scrimmages with Taiwan locals as well as some sight-seeing action in Taipei.
With the help of Taiwan Lacrosse association, the trip was in a great success.