Men's Premier League Starts!
04 Oct 2017
Hong Kong Lacrosse Association are launching the all new Premier League this year, using the draft pick systems to allocate the best players in Hong Kong to the four participating teams in an even manner, thus raising the competitiveness of the league. In the opening week of this brand new league, the Black Orcas defeated the Yellow Goatfish 8: 2, while the Blue Marlins outclassed the Orange Flounders 9: 5 in another fixture.

Jeff Fung scored 3 goals along with Even Mok, the former NCAA player contributed 2 more, BLACK ORCAS defected the YELLOW GOATFISH by 8:2 at the opener of Hong Kong Lacrosse Association’s brand new Premier League. In the other Premier league game, BLUE MARLIN and ORANGE FLOUNDERS have shown the spectators a very intense game. Both teams were tie in the first quarter until Wong Hang Wai and James Laws scored 2 goals respectively and helped BLUE MARLIN won 9: 5.

Hong Kong Lacrosse Association aimed to provide a competitive platform for the best players in Hong Kong, to enhance the standards of play through a series of games, and to unearth more future stars for Hong Kong. All players demonstrated their skill sets before they were eventually picked up by the four teams via the Draft Pick Systems. All Premier League players are required to attend a game, and a practice session, each on a bi-weekly basis.

The four participating teams, namely Yellow Goatfish, Black Orcas, Orange Flounders, and Blue Marlins compete in single robin, each team facing their opponents thrice throughout the season, before progressing to the Playoffs and the Championship Game. For each win in the single robin season, two points are awarded, a point apiece for a draw, and no points will be given for a loss. The match is played upon four 15 minutes quarters, with the clock stop ticking every time the ball went outbound during the last two minutes of the final quarter.

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