2024 Youth Lacrosse Exchange Program (Tokyo-Japan) - Summary
13 Mar 2024

Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association has organised the Summer Youth Lacrosse Exchange Program to Tokyo-Japan on 14th-17th February , which is subvented by LCSD.
18 of U-12 young athletes were led by HKLA Current WRT player and youth coach Ms Ho Jing Yee Jane and former Hong Kong Men’s Team Captain Mr Kelvin Mak.

This trip aims at enhancing our athtletes’ horizon and their skills, as well as exchanging our experience with the athletes and the association of Japan .With support from the JLA International Division, they engaged with teams and schools while in the Kanto area, to play games and joint practices .

Friendly match and joint practice with Ota Lacrosse Club at Denenchofu Elementary School.

Visiting the Aqua Park Shinagawa .

Visiting the Women’s Lacrosse Team at Nippon Sport Science University .