Selection Result : 2024 Hong Kong Lacrosse Open Youth Tournament - U15 Team
12 Mar 2024
Organized by Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association, the 2024 Hong Kong Lacrosse Open will be held from Mar 29 - 31, 2024. Youth Tournament will be held on 30 and 31 Mar, 2024. There will be aU15(Female) and U15(Male) youth tournament during the event. For this reason, HKLA would like to set up Teams in U15(Female) and U15(Male) groups for the tournament. Talented youth players will be selected for intensive training and play against other area teams. Coaches will assess the abilities in all aspects during the try-out. Players who are selected will participate in two training and compete in the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open.

The tryout was successfully held on Mar 9 2024(Saturday) and the coaches have selected the players who will represent Hong Kong Lacrosse in the tournament. Congralutations!

Selection Result: Click Here