Invitation to Quotation: World Lacrosse Women's U20 World Championship Hong Kong 2024
08 Feb 2024
The World Lacrosse Women's U20 World Championship will be organized by Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association Limited (“The Association'') in August 2024. The event is looking for event coordinating and planning consultants, companies/ organizations who are interested are required to provide services quotations.

Items to be included:

Live streaming Firm
1.Provide live streaming service from 15 August to 24 August
2.Provide TV broadcasting services: 15 August, 22 August and 24 August
3.Provide a sign-in multiple live streaming platform
5.Hardware requirement: 6 camera for main fields(total 2 main fields) and 3 camera for side fields(total 3 main fields)
6.Equipment list

Ticketing Firm
1.Ticket Categories
3.Marketing and Promotion
4.Reporting and Analytics
5.Refund and Exchange Policy
6.Platform characteristic

PR Agency Firm
1.Onsite, online and offline marketing plan
2.Detail promotion timeline
3.Pitching session

On site photo and video shooting Firm
1.Pre-production: Production Plan, Graphic & Key visuals Design, Studio Photography, output files for printing, artworks to Web Page’s Placeholder
2.Production: 10 days photo and video shooting schedule
3.Post-production: Including retouched photos & videos, output files

Production House
1.Event management
2.Banner output
4.Poster output
7.Feather banner
8.Others possible items

Please submit the original quotation to the office of Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association Limited office, Room B, 16th Floor, North Point Industrial Building, 499 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong, before 12:00 noon on 15 March, 2023 or email to [email protected] .The subject should be "The World Lacrosse Women's U20 World Championship Event Coordination and Planning Consultant Quotation".