Volunteer Recruit - Hong Kong Lacrosse Open 2019
20 Feb 2019
Since 2012 the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open has become one of Asia’s most competitive tournaments for club and national teams in the Asia-Pacific region. Join us as a volunteer to make this tournament greater together!

We will provide a volunteer tshirt, free meal and a certificate for all the volunteers!

If you are already a member of HKLA, login to your account then sign up here, to reduce the time for filling out your personal information!

or just simply sign up on hklaxopen.org > Recruit


1) Crowd controls
- Identify people with different wristband and make sure they enter the appropriate area
- Make sure to guide the attendants to enter the correct venues
- Maintain the ground rule

2) Bench officials
- Prepare Scoresheet & Timers
- Count game time and penalty time
- Record goals , fouls and assists
- Player of the Game Nominations (ask Referees)
- Collect scoresheet and give it back to HKLA staff

3) Field attendants
- Event set up
- Prepare the game equipment are ready before and after the game
- Manage the drinks & ice are enough for the day

4) HKLA Booths attendant
- Event set up
- Sell Merchandise
- Decorate Venue for Social Gathering
- Arrange the Social Gathering
- Enquiry

5) Entrance greeter
- Greet Teams, VIP & Spectators to the field
- Distribute tickets
- Register for media
- Enquiry

6) Youth Festival (HKIS) Helper
- Equipment set up for the kid festival
- Operate the games during the day

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