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12 Nov 2021 23:59
Applicant Date of Birth: 01 Sep 1900 to 31 Dec 2011
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Hong Kong Lacrosse Men’s Elite Program 2021/22
High Performance Program(HPP)

Programme Summary

Athletes of this program, MHPP, are the prospects of Hong Kong Men’s Representative Team(MRT). They will be representing the association in local and international competitions, in preparing themselves to become an MRT player in the near future.

Therefore, similar to MRT, this programme provides year-round, top-level instruction and support, focusing on fundamental skill, technical skill development and tactical systems a.k.a understanding of the game (Lax IQ). In addition to developing athletes' understanding of the game, participants will also be provided with strength and conditioning coaching throughout the program.

Rationale and Intent

One of the main goals of the Hong Kong Lacrosse Association (HKLA) is to continue to improve the calibre of lacrosse in Hong Kong, and to improve on the Asia Pacific Region (ASPAC) and World Lacrosse world rankings. The HKLA is committed to achieving this goal, and the HPP program is a key strategy to that end.

*All paid up fee will be non-refundable upon registration (or application) and payment has been confirmed.*