About HKLAX Foundation

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Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association(HKLA) is the member of the World Lacrosse, Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union and Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong. HKLA has also recently been granted by LCSD as an eligible National Sports Association. As a part of the community, HKLA cares about people in need in Hong Kong and would like to put in great efforts in offering opportunities and resources to the less fortunate. As a result, HKLA has formed the HKLAX foundation.

HKLAX foundation’s mission is to serve the community via Physical Education. Deploying resources particularly for youth groups, underprivileged students, minority groups, athletics mental well being. HKLAX Foundation will promote comprehensive sportsmanship through sports activities to encourage participants to live a healthy, vibrant and optimistic lifestyle.

Besides the above missions, HKLAX foundation will inherit the goals and plans of Hong Kong Lacrosse Association. We develop lacrosse across the general community of Hong Kong, offering regular development programs to all genders and ages.

Sport has a miracle force to change people’s lives by enhancing their social and emotional development, as well as inspiring healthy behavior changes and increasing educational achievements and employability skills. We believe everyone including who is less fortunate has a right to develop their potential talent in sport. Promoting equal opportunities of learning sport, we would like to support people who are disadvantaged, under resourced and minorities to engage in sport and offer opportunities for them to have further personal development.