Team Hong Kong rank fourth in Lacrosse Prague Cup
31 May 2022
First game Team Hong Kong play the dream team came up really strong led 7-2 at hlf time, the final score was 11-4, Vanessa Yu with 4 draws control, Hui Ka Hei with 2 goals and 1 assist and Dan had 2 saves. For our first high pressure game it was a great start, reset the tone early, and Team Hong Kong aimed to do well at this event.

2nd game Team Hong Kong played Czech U21 national team and had improved even more from the first game, Sally Tan led with 3 goals and 1 assist, Charlotte had 4 draw controls, Sally Yue had 5 saves. The final score was 11-2. 

On the last day, Team Hong Kong clinched the bracket and faced off against the Wales NT in the semi finals for our third game of the day. Michelle Yu led the team with 3 goals and Vanessa Yu had 1 goal and 2 assists. Goalie Sally Yue had 11 saves. Hong Kong lost to Wales 16-6. On the final day of the event Hong Kong played the Netherlands NT and lost 17-9. The Yu sisters led the team with 3 goals each. Mya Wang also had 4 draw controls for the team. Overall the tournament was a great event to help prepare for the World Championship. We look forward to the rest of our trip.