Reform of the Hong Kong Lacrosse Officials Committee
24 Sep 2020

HKLA is pleased to announce the reform of the Hong Kong Lacrosse Officials Committee. As the game of lacrosse continues to grow in Hong Kong, we all know that with “No Nice Judge” there is “No Nice Game”. The current officials committee has worked very hard in the past year to spearhead the reform of the Hong Kong Lacrosse Officials Committee and forming a structure and bases for the future of officials in Hong Kong. 

The new Hong Kong Lacrosse Officials Committee will be headed by three co-chairs and several committee officers who will be in charge of different areas such as Development, Technical and Resources. There will also be advisors positions available for individuals to provide support to the committee.

A new email account has also been set up for the committee and any future matters regarding official invitations and any other matters related to officiating should be directed to [email protected].

All advertised positions are voluntary. The head umpire and head referee will each serve a term of two years and are not subject to a term limit. Other committee members that are appointed to the committee do not need to reapply each year but must formally express their continued interest to the co-chairs. There is no set term for these positions.

Our current Head Referee and Head Umpire, Mr Dennis Cheng, and Ms Joyce Tai have been appointed by HKLA CEO to continue their role and as Co-Chair in the new committee format. Ms Gemini Fan has also been appointed to act as the Secretary and Co-Chair of the committee.

The committee is now accepting applications for Development Officers, Technical Officers, Resource Officers and Committee Advisor positions. To apply for these positions, please express your interest by emailing the officials committee at [email protected] and stating your officiating experience, and a confirmation of your ability to complete the responsibilities of the position.

For more information regarding the structure of the committee and the roles of each position, please see below.

Full Role Specification - Development Officer

Full Role Specification - Technical Officers

Full Role Specification - Resource Officers

Full Role Specification - Committee Advisor