Statement on the Iroquois Nationals and Inclusion
29 Jul 2020
The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association (HKLA) stands in support of the Iroquois Nationals in their continued fight for recognition as a sovereign nation at international lacrosse competitions.

HKLA recognizes the Iroquois Nationals and the Haudenosaunee people as both the originators of lacrosse and as the true ambassadors of the sport. The way we experience the game today is a result of the generosity and willingness of the Haudenosaunee people to share their game with the world. Excluding the Iroquois Nationals from the 2022 World Games reflects a disregard for these ideals of inclusivity, that are so fundamental to the culture of lacrosse.

HKLA will continue to advocate for a pathway forward that ensures the inclusion of lacrosse’s originators and most dedicated stewards. We are confident that this sentiment of support is shared amongst the international lacrosse community and are eager to continue to grow the game together.

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