International Olympic Committee Recognizing Lacrosse
01 Dec 2018
“The IOC’s Executive Board’s decision to provisionally recognize FIL has created a major milestone for the sport of lacrosse. FIL is truly honored to have received this recognition by the IOC,” said Sue Redfern, President of the Federation of International Lacrosse. “This decision will assist us and our member nations as we work to create opportunities for participation in the sport of lacrosse around the world.”

Founded in 2008, FIL began its journey to be recognized with the merger of the Men and Women’s international federations. FIL has worked diligently to achieve its vision and mission since that time and the sport has grown to 62 member nations and impacts millions of athletes worldwide.

“FIL is very pleased to have received this recognition by the IOC Executive Board,” said Jim Scherr, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of International Lacrosse. “The IOC recognition provides a real opportunity to enhance and accelerate the efforts of FIL to continue to grow and develop the sport around the world.”

The Federation of International Lacrosse is responsible for the governance of lacrosse and provides support to the overall development of the sport worldwide. Earlier this year, FIL hosted the 2018 FIL Men’s Lacrosse World Championship, which was the largest ever with 46 nations competing in Netanya, Israel. In 2019, the FIL Under-19 Women’s World Championship will be held in Peterborough, Canada, August 1-10, and the FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in Langley, Canada, September 19-28.

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