To arouse public awareness and provide more opportunity for public to know more about lacrosse, Hong Kong, China Lacrosse Association therefore setting up LAX programme for the public. At the same time encouraging children and youths to have higher physical activities levels by joining different lacrosse activity, in order to maintain their physical and mental health.

With support from Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund, HKLA implements the project “Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund – Lax for All” to engage children and youths to participate in lacrosse games to promote physical and mental well-being and provide equal sport learning opportunity for underprivileged children and youth.

In the project, there are 8 components including lacrosse long-term training program, lacrosse short-term course, lacrosse school team development, inter-school lacrosse tournament, school trial of lacrosse, district fun day , youth festival and volunteer work for promoting the sport of lacrosse and importance of physical and psychological well-being.

Supported by KTSI, Project LaX Move is designed for 16-30 aged young enthusiasts who aspire to pursue a career in the sports industry. It aims to equip the potential talents with holistic experience in sports, leisure and recreation organisations such as; sports marketing, sports event management, sports first-aid and injury management and business English. Moreover, the programme offers certifications which can equip participants with lacrosse specific skills and qualifications for a potential career with HKLA; HKLA Lacrosse Senior Instructor or Level One Official in Women’s / Men’s Lacrosse.

HKLA Lax Con provides a platform for all lacrosse enthusiasts and sports lovers to get together to share their expertise and passion; from lacrosse skills, tactics, training to promoting active life style in youth and performance enhancement.

Through a variety of fitness games and training, HKLA can help to lead children and teens to a healthier lifestyle. They will also be able to develop team work and skills that can transfer to other sports.

LAX Cradle is a continuation from the very successful Project Cradle and Project Crosse program which brought lacrosse into 11 different primary schools across Kowloon and New Territories. Project Crosse caters to primary school students’ needs in development of fundamental movement skills, personal characters and extracurricular talents through the learning of lacrosse. The project also includes parent and children classes, inter-school competitions and possible international competitions.